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You spend a third of your life in the workplace.

Where you work has a big impact upon who you are and who you want to become.

Let’s face it – it’s a big deal and can alter every other aspect of your life, so if your career isn’t where you want it to be then let’s talk.

I support and help corporate 9-5-ers take control of their future by figuring out what they really want, make strong decisions, keep their social life and prevent exhaustion and burnout. 

Do You Want More From Your Professional Career And Personal Life Without Burn Out, Exhaustion And Struggle?

I have been featured on the BBC, the Virgin Group and Girls Talk London, and regularly write for the Huffington Post providing coaching, support and guidance to aid the ambitious 9-to-5-er in their corporate career.

We work through what is preventing you from saying ‘no’ to those impossible deadlines, I provide support and guidance to prevent burn out which ultimately leads to poor decisions, unable to make personal commitments and feeling like you have Stockholm syndrome to the office.

What can I offer?

A mixture of services to fit around any corporate schedule from online courses, Gratitude Cafe.Life – The Corporate Wellness Movement site as well as group and 1:1 coaching programmes.

Want to know more?

Click the FB messenger button to contact me instantly via Facebook or click below to access my diary and schedule in a complimentary consultation session to discuss further.

No one should have to feel frustrated, exhausted or confused in their job.
So lets get you back on track.

Coaching for Professionals

Career and Personal Development requires an individual focus. Your needs will vary according to your job and your individual needs, wishes, abilities, skills and personal attributes. There’s nothing generic about you and with every coaching programme we undertake a DiSC personality assessment so we understand who you are and what you want to achieve from the coaching. I then tailor our sessions according.

Get in touch and let’s discuss further.

Online Courses, VIP Days & Retreats

I transform ambitious 9-to-5-ers in the corporate world through a mixture of coaching, business tools and personal development. This consists of online courses, Gratitude Cafe.Life membership, the signature ADVANCE group programme and the 1:1 intensive programme.

Testimonials from career coaching clients

“Thank you so much! I have felt out of control for far too long. You have given me the kick up the you-know-what to finally take my career forward and made me realise that I do deserve my dream job. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the support to know I can do this.”


Matt T.

“I was unsure what to expect when I first started speaking to Nikki but she completely understood me and what I wanted from my life……..”


Samantha W.

“I see Nikki as a role model, a mentor, as well as a coach. I now have a better idea of what I want my future to be and how I am going to get there!”


Claire P.

“I was doubting the career path I had chosen, and even contemplating going back to uni to do a different degree and making a complete career change. I went to Nikki for a bit of advice in thinking that she would confirm to me that what I thought was true. In fact it was quite the opposite. Nikki made me realise that I was unchallenged at work and that I actually did enjoy the career path I had chosen. ”


Eoin C.

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