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I am not going to lie, I am pretty content in my jobs…Yes, jobs. I am a performance coach who works around the world but I actually choose to stay in my corporate 9-5 job alongside my coaching because I want to.

I hear of so many people being ‘shackled’ to their desk and it honestly saddens me. Why would you intentionally put yourself through that Monday – Friday? Such a huge chunk of your time not to mention your life being unhappy.

When I work with my clients I can quite quickly tell if it is the job they dislike or the people.

Usually the work is fine (if not, then you need to read my article on whether you are settling in your career) it’s the people they work with which makes or breaks the job.

If you are currently sitting at your desk think about it. What is it that brings you into the office everyday……the work or the people? What is your manager like for example?

Managers are probably the biggest reason people stay or go. I have walked out of jobs on the spot due to bad managers. Sometimes a good company can see the issues and make some strategic moves (managing out for example) but I had a nightmare manager once who went on management training and still came back just as micromanaging as he was when he went in. Sometimes, in those situations, it is just better to remove yourself from the situation.

The thing is, Good….scrap that….GREAT employees will not stand for it. Great employees know what they want from their career and unless that job is serving them they will find another company that can.

If you are good at what you do and enjoy the work that you do yet your company isn’t serving you then start firing up that CV and find a company that can better serve you. I have moved jobs a few times in my career but really it was because I knew what I wanted and now in my current role my employer delivers that – 100%.

Now I know my love story with my employer isn’t the same for everyone, I know I am in the minority…and don’t get me wrong, it has taken me a LONG time to get here…but the reason it took so long was because I stayed in places that weren’t serving me.

Also the British part of me would like to be slightly modest and humble here and say that I am not the voice of ‘good employees’ but I am saying that if someone loves their job, they are going to be a ‘better employee’ than someone who sits in the office feeling like an ‘office slave’.

So I am giving you a few common reasons why good companies lose good people. If you are a perpetrator of this STOP IT NOW! If you are a victim of this – open your mouth and say or start looking at other opportunities. You deserve better.

buy dapoxetine in pakistan 1) Overworking the good ones.

Have you heard a few law firms have been blind allocating work recently? Now there are many reasons for this but let’s be frank here. All the work was going to the favorites – the ‘good ones’. Think about the people in the office – you know the good ones don’t you. You in particular know the ones who’ll always help you out no matter what. The ones who get things done no matter how long they have to stay in the office.

Well stop giving them all the work to do. They will notice, and they will feel undervalued….they will also be on a one way ticket to burn out and then you are stuck.

http://muldavinlawfirmtn.com/category/uncategorized/ 2) Micromanaging

Tina Fey, wrote in her autobiography ‘Bossypants’, “In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.”

Argh – micromanaging is the worst! If you’re constantly trying to control your employees they will resent you. I was so frustrated by being micromanaged that in the end I stopped doing any work, and I know I am not the only one who has felt like that in the past.

On the other hand, if you start working on building trust from day one, you’ll be able to let your team make their own decisions and ‘shock horror’ bring new ideas to the table. It is not rocket science that employees who feel empowered within the workplace will be more motivated to take ownership and stick around.

follow link 3) Not offering a chance of promotion.

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

This is something I ask my clients frequently and it’s also something usually asked in an interview and again at appraisal time but what do employers really do with this information? In my coaching sessions I use this information to aid my clients to achieve their 5 year career goal. We start working backwards to create and design a real living and breathing plan. I take this question seriously and achieve it. If an employer isn’t asking their employees what their 5 year plan is and isn’t aiding them to get there then you can probably bet that a good employee is already looking for the employer who can. If you need help with figuring out and planning where you want to be in 5 years then click here for my free tools to help.

The thing is (and I wrote about this before for the Huffington Post when discussing leadership programmes) employees want more from their employers than basic survival. They want to be able to uncover and hone their unique talents and not get stuck in a rut feeling like they don’t have control over their career.

We all have the option to make our careers great. No excuses. The only reason we are unhappy in our careers is because we allow ourselves to be. We refuse to take action to make it better.

So today assess your situation. Do you love your job? Great! Is it working for you, on your terms? Awesome.


Are you in your job feeling like the victim to any of the above? Maybe it is time to look at changing your situation……

Managers out there! Do you have a high turnover in your team? – If so, go back to reading the article above and ask yourself if you can relate to any of these methods.

Either way, do you want more in your career and want to make it work on your terms? Then contact me on hello@nikkithomascoaching.com or go to my coaching programmes and if interested in moving your career forward apply here for a complimentary discovery call where we can work together to map out a full career blueprint.


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