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When you start figuring out what you want, when you realise you deserve it and when you start being true to yourself and start voicing that, amazing things start happening in your career.


      • Simple Steps that Ambitious, High Performing, Career Professionals are using everyday - I know because I coach them.
      • How to figure out exactly what you want from your career and how to get it
      • Proven strategies that you can use every day to be seen as the go-to person in your industry
      • The tips needed to be ready for your next appraisal. Know how to build your confidence and get that next promotion

Get your free plan & finally, Create a Corporate Career On Your Terms

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    Nikki Thomas

    Executive Leadership Coach


    Nikki Thomas specialises in advancing the careers of the ambitious 9-to-5er and creating a career on their terms.

    Nikki provides coaching in the corporate world on stress, leadership, time management, influencing others and confidence. She connects individuals and aids those climbing the corporate ladder to create a career on their terms.

    Get your free plan & finally, Create a Corporate Career On Your Terms

    Client's Results

    Eoin Culligan

    " I went to Nikki for a bit of advice in thinking that she would confirm to me that what I thought was true. In fact it was quite the opposite. Nikki made me realise that I was unchallenged at work and that I actually did enjoy the career path I had chosen. She suggested I look at moving company, not industry, get into a new role in which I’m challenged, and prompted me to update my CV and LinkedIn (with her help) which I have now done. ..... I still have some big decisions to make, but I am much happier at work as I now know the path I am going down is the right one for me.”

    Claire Pitt

    “I see Nikki as a role model, a mentor, as well as a coach. I now have a better idea of what I want my future to be and how I am going to get there!”

    Matt Tracey

    “Thank you so much! I have felt out of control for far too long. You have given me the kick up the you-know-what to finally take my career forward and made me realise that I do deserve my dream job. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the support to know I can do this.”

    Gemma Stainforth

    Nikki's networking sessions are a great opportunity to swap anecdotes while finding out the dos and don'ts of networking. A really great session which gave me more confidence in approaching groups of people who I've never met before at events.

    Get your free plan & finally, Create a Corporate Career On Your Terms


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