Career Coaching FAQs

Career Coaching FAQs

“More than anything else, a coach
holds up a mirror and shows you what
you’re doing, day in and day out…..
A coach helps you harness the power of reflection”
The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect from my first coaching session?

In a busy, fast paced environment where people need information yesterday we can lose sight of our goals and our pathway in life.

How many times have you thought you want more from your career? That you were destined to inspire a team. Be a role model in the workplace. Make a difference.

Well, coaching is a chance for you to figure out why you have yet to achieve all your career aspirations. A chance for us to discuss how to achieve the goals that have fallen by the wayside.

As your coach, I guide, support and facilitate your progress. Through one-on-one sessions, I will aid you to identify your goals, look at the wider issues associated with change as well as discuss the challenges.

Initially, we will have a Skype or telephone consultation session to assess what you want from your career, what is holding you back from achieving where you want to be and to ascertain whether coaching is right for you.

Click Here to apply for a Complimentary 20 Minute Executive Coaching Session (value £50).

Do I need to register before attending a session?


You will need to book and pay for your sessions in advance.

Click Here to apply for an initial Complimentary 20 minute Executive Coaching Session (value £50) to see if my coaching programmes are right for you.

What should I wear to my sessions?

You’ve booked a 1-to-1 VIP day and you’re wondering what you need to wear.
Choose something smart casual. I want you to be relaxed but also in the mindset that you have come to work.

How is career coaching different from other coaching?

Everyone is unique and you have unique goals that you want to achieve. You need something for you and thats where I come in. Your coaching is tailored specifically using my knowledge of the corporate workplace along with over 10 years in psychology and international coaching training. The advice given will work for your unique situation.

When we complete a Complimentary 20 Minute Executive Coaching Session (value £50) Click Here. We will then discuss the packages available and the one that would be best to help you achieve your career goals.

Sessions can be held over Skype, telephone or face-to-face in a London location.

As I travel frequently to the U.S. and Asia, international sessions can also be organised with clients on the bespoke programme to fit with schedules.

During the coaching we will work to a bespoke model tailored to you. First laying foundations on what you want to achieve, build your goals in line with your life values and explore how to get you on track to achieve what you have always wanted from your career.


Career Coaching Etiquette



Spend some time before each coaching session thinking about the goals you would like to achieve

Write them down and really think about what you want to get from the session.


Turn off all electronic devices

This means anything that rings, dings or buzzes


How are coaching sessions conducted?

This depends on distance and preference and is agreed upon at the start of the coaching relationship. Most often, sessions are conducted over the phone or Skype. This allows for optimal flexibility and convenience for both coach and client.

However, VIP days and 1-to-1 coaching can be conducted face-to-face if requested. This will be discussed during the Complimentary Executive Coaching Consultation.

Click Here to apply for a Complimentary 20 Minute Executive Coaching Consultation (value £50).


Advise me of any special needs

If you have special requirements, please let me know ahead of the Complimentary 20 minute Executive Coaching Consultation (value £50) Click Here to book.

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