Career Advance Programs

Career Advance Programmes

For Career Coaching To Support And Guide You On Your Unique Path:

Click Here to apply for a 20 Minute Executive Coaching Consultation (value £50) to discuss which career advancing coaching package would be best for you.

The Master Your Career Performance Programme.

Master Your Career Group Programme – Starting January 2018.

A 12 week group programme working with me as I coach you and a select group of like minded ambitious professionals each week, to uncover what is holding you back from having the career you truly want. We cover exhaustion and what it really does to your mind, we start looking at workload and where you can delegate, distribute and remove tasks, and we really delve into watch is keeping you stuck in your current job – why do you feel like you have Stockholm syndrome to your employer.

You leave the programme with passion for your career, confidence in your ability, clarity in your decision making skills and finally putting yourself first making you the ultimate Master of your Career.

Click below for a complimentary career discovery call (value £50) to discuss how to move your career forward and which coaching package would be best for you.


My 3 Month 1:1 Corporate Coaching Programme

A 12 week programme, bespoke to you to provide support and guidance in your 9-to-5.

In this programme we will work through what is stopping you from ‘owning’ your career.

We will discuss:

What is holding you back from saying ‘No’ to impossible deadlines?
Pulling you back from the brink of burn out, exhaustion and frankly, that Stockholm syndrome you have for the office.

When you are exhausted, you make poor decisions, your emotions take over and you feel a slave to the 9-5, this coaching programme works with you to take back control, own your career and start really working towards what you want both professionally and personally.

Places are strictly limited and subject to application.

Click Here for a Complimentary Executive Coaching Consultation (value £50) to apply for ADVANCE – The Signature Coaching Programme.

The Gratitude Cafe.Life

A corporate well-being community

“Office Culture” is changing!

Become part of the movement today to receive nutritious recipes, (subtle!) fitness-at-your-desk exercises and invites to exclusive events in London.

The membership site is launching in January 2018 and we would love you to be one of our founding members before the launch who will be eligible for the Founding Members Joining Price. Click below to become part of our community of over 200 founding members.

Online Course

Time Management For Corporate Professionals

Time is a precious thing. We never feel we have enough and it goes a lot quicker the busier we are. Working the 9-5 bad time management can lead to burn out, exhaustion and effectively losing your life to countless hours in the office where we feel like we are going round in circles!

Not anymore! That life is stressful and unsustainable so after working with my clients and realising so many of us repeat the same old habits, I have created this 5 module course to give you the tools and know-how to manage your time more effectively. Not only in the workplace but in all areas of your life.

This course will completely transform your view to tasks in the office and how to prioritise and delegate effectively.

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