Not many of you know my journey to get here today.

As mentioned by the popular site, My Deal in Australia, I have really moved from a ‘Stressed to Blessed’ lifestyle!
I had worked in corporate for years but due to office politics I really hated my job. I was struggling with how I felt about myself and that coupled with an awful relationship really took it’s toll on how I saw the world.

December 2015 I walked from my corporate job, by April 2016 I was out of my relationship and by May 2016 I had pretty much changed my life and couldn’t believe how much happier I was.

I stopped feeling the victim of life and started taking full control again. It was liberating and honestly I have never looked back.

Don’t get me wrong – there are still bad days when little things get to me but overall life is so much calmer. Walking away from all my negative influences gave me the confidence to move forward and to do what I really wanted to do.

I am one of 10 inspiring career stories in the article. If you are looking for inspiration have a read.

Remember  – if life isn’t going where you want it to you can change it! Do not become a victim of life.



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