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I love absolutely love what I do. Coaching has changed my life to a point that I don’t recognise the person I was 3 years ago. Not only have I helped so many amazing, ambitious professionals but I have also grown in myself and have learned so much on my own journey.

Through my coaching, one thing I have become distinctly aware of is that while I run the coaching programme and for a while afterwards my clients are positive, they figure out what they want for their lives and we make amazing breakthroughs but there are so many people who are in the middle area.

They aren’t sure about coaching but want a better life. They work the corporate 9-to-5 and watch as all the other industries seem to provide a better balance for their employees. I have campaigned in countless businesses to provide more for their employees and after sounding like a stuck record for long enough I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The thing I have realised companies find difficult, is where to start providing for their employees. They want to provide more but they don’t want to hire in the staff to create that. So before I hear any more excuses from the Big Machines I have created such a platform. A Corporate Wellness movement if you will.

Gratitude Cafe.Life is my membership, my movement. It provides 4 areas of wellness concentrating on Community, Fitness, Mind and Nutrition. It launches on 1st January with the first bundle New Year, New You. You can find out more in the Huffpost article here.

The idea is to provide a theme each month which focuses on you and your well-being. It takes into account that you are at a desk all day and we work with top nutritionists, fitness experts and mindfulness guru’s to provide you with the best exercises, tips and tools to live your happiest life. We all know exercise gives us endorphin’s but how many times do we skip the gym for another all-nighter? Yes  – we have to work but with a bit of focus, prioritisation and support we never have to feel alone, overwhelmed or even suffer from burn out. We are hear for you!!

We need to listen to our bodies and start taking control of our 9-5 rather than feel like a victim chained to our desks through fear.

It’s about a new way of thinking! A sustainable way of living! A corporate wellness movement!



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