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http://talkinginthedark.com/2013/01/ My clients are creating amazing results in their careers with promotions, career changes
and more importantly finally having a career that works for them.
I want to show you this is possible for you too.

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source link “I work in construction and I was going through a period at work where I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, I was doubting the career path I had chosen, and even contemplating going back to uni to do a different degree and making a complete career change. I went to Nikki for a bit of advice in thinking that she would confirm to me that what I thought was true. In fact it was quite the opposite. Nikki made me realise that I was unchallenged at work and that I actually did enjoy the career path I had chosen. She suggested I look at moving company, not industry, get into a new role in which I’m challenged, and prompted me to update my CV and LinkedIn (with her help) which I have now done. I’m pleased to say that although I am still in the same role, I have been actively pursuing other positions and I have potential roles in London, the US and Australia! I still have some big decisions to make, but I am much happier at work as I now know the path I am going down is the right one for me.”

Eoin C.

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تمثل 60 الخيارات الثنائية الثانية تجريبي مجاني “Thank you so much! I have felt out of control for far too long. You have given me the kick up the you-know-what to finally take my career forward and made me realise that I do deserve my dream job. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the support to know I can do this.”

Matt T.

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http://aquanetta.pl/?kostromesp=opcje-binarne-fakty-i-mity&47e=3c “I see Nikki as a role model, a mentor, as well as a coach. I now have a better idea of what I want my future to be and how I am going to get there!”

Claire P.

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http://gsc-research.de/gsc/hv_kalender/index.html?no_cache=1 www binäre optionen de “I was unsure what to expect when I first started speaking to Nikki but she completely understood me and what I wanted from my life……..”

Samantha W.

http://palsambleu.fr/?dimyrewsy=site-de-rencontres-sportives-suisse&b99=b0 Career Coaching Client

http://havanatranquility.com/daeso/4835 “Highly recommend! Thanks Nikki for all your help.

Susie G.

Career Coaching Client

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