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Very excited to announce the launch of Be It Do It Retreats: A collaboration between Positive Neil and myself and recently featured on The Huffington Post. 

We are hosting a One Day Urban Retreat in the heart of London focusing on mindfulness and smashing your limiting beliefs to find balance in an often crazy and hectic world.

Learn how to meditate properly and tackle your limiting beliefs on this fantastic one day urban retreat. For those looking for change and to develop more control over their thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Neil and I will work with you and help you get that balance you are seeking with a day of interactive workshops, like minded people, in an excellent venue and all food and drinks are provided so you don’t have to think about anything else but yourself!

Come join us on 3rd June for a day of focus along with good food, amazing company and a chance to build a strong plan for your future.

Click Here to book the Early Bird Rate Now.


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